About Sophie

Sophie designs detailed and comprehensible courses, classes and seminars to fit the needs of the group or person. She is one of the highest qualified judo coaches in the country, is a fully qualified fitness professional, and is passionate about helping you achieve your goals. Her PERSONAL COACHING online or face to face is the best quality and delivered with a great personality. GET IN TOUCH now to see how she can help you.

Sophie's years of experience as a coach and competitor help her to tailor make the learning process specific to you. It is important that everyone is able to progress and learn at their own pace, to their own goals. Whether just for fun, to gain a competitive edge, or to accelerate learning, training with Sophie will greatly improve your technique and fitness. Check out the different COACHING packages available, from complete beginner, to experienced athlete.

Anyone, no matter what level, will enjoy learning with Sophie.

What is judo?


A martial art and an Olympic sport originating in Japan in 1882 and practised by millions of people across the world.

It is a fantastic discipline to learn with many health and well-being benefits, as well as being an effective fighting style.

It is also a great tool for use in all styles of competition involving grappling such as BJJ, MMA and Sambo.

Use the links above and below to find out more about the different styles and formats of what Sophie teaches and how to learn judo.

Judo and Brazilian Jujitsu, they have a special underlying philosophy. Respect yourself and others, push yourself to learn, teach.

Competition, friendship, spirit

I still enjoy competing, when I can and whilst I still can. It helps drive me, but it's important to have fun as well.