Judo Coaching

Judo Coach

I have helped out at the club on and off for a long time and started officially coaching in the UK in 2013.

I have coached at every level and to every age. I enjoy seeing people progress and love helping them work to achieve their goals. Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy learning judo, bjj and fitness.

My favourite was when I started coaching at Fighting Fit Martial Arts in Manchester and I taught my first class to a fairly hardened group of guys, and felt more than comfortable doing it. I continue to teach to men, women, boys and girls and run female only training camps.

I believe in always keeping an open mind, whilst learning or teaching. I often learn as much from the 7 year old beginner as I do from the 8th Dan veteran and I constantly try to upgrade and tweak what I deliver.

The boundaries are endless and I get to travel across the world teaching and competing: I thrive on experiencing new challenges. I have completed all the BJA coaching awards and still attend coaching workshops and development days.

One of the hardest things I have done was to complete my PgDip in Advanced Coaching Practice. It involved part-time study whilst working and bringing up family. But I'm glad I did it!

I currently coach privates, groups, gi, no gi, freestyle and Olympic style judo. I do seminars and masterclasses across the UK and the rest of the world. Recently I visited the US (Arizona and Los Angeles) to teach, and of course, to learn.

Coaching videos

BJA Level 4 Coach

PgDip Advanced Sport Coaching Practice

Coach – Bacup Judo Club, Kendal Judo Club, Factory BJJ, Evade Martial Arts

Head Coach – Shuhari Judo club