Grading in Judo


The modern martial art Judo is a hierarchical art, where practitioners of judo, or judoka, progress through the kyu-dan ranking system. The position of a judoka is displayed by the colour of their belt, beginners typically wear a white belt. Judokas progress through descending kyu ranks until they have the sufficient skills to move to the dan grade.

Once a student is at the dan grade, judokas will wear the kuro obi, black belt. At 6th Dan another coloured belt, a red and white belt, is awarded. The highest dan rank achieved is 10th Dan, which is still very rare. It is a very rewarding journey to go on - great for the mind, body and soul! So whether you just want to learn for fun, or aspire to wear a black belt, Sophie's training plans can help you achieve.

Personal Coaching

Are you interested in working your way through the kyu-dan rankings? Or have you got an up coming grading you would like to thoroughly prepare for? Sophie delivers courses and seminars to give you expert guidance in learning the techniques and moving through the ranking system. Send an enquiry now.

Thinking of entering into a tournament, would you like to make sure you've got what it takes? Then why not sign up for now of Sophie's PERSONAL TRAINING PLANS - drills, skill and training designed just for you.