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Judo as a Sport

Judo is a martial art, combat and Olympic sport, which is practiced all over the world.
The objective in competitive judo is to either throw or takedown an opponent, immobilize or otherwise subdue with a pin, or submit with a joint lock or choke.
All of which play a vital part in a judo contest.

Do you want to add an edge to your techniques ready for a judo contest? Try a personal coaching program designed just for you.

Sophie offers classes, courses and seminars put focus on the finer details of your technique and if your entering your first contest Sophie can help you prepare, physically and mentally.  

If you participate in mixed martial arts contests and would like to add judo to your skill set, Sophie does no gi judo  teaching as well to fit into your game.

Judo and BJJ

The spread of Judo worldwide led to some off shoots of the martial art such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or BJJ is a martial art for combat and self defence that focuses on grappling and ground fighting.

The martial art of BJJ promotes and values the concept that a smaller person can overcome an opponent of greater size and strength with the correct use of technique by applying leverage in the correct way. Mostly the aim is to get the opponent to the ground where there are many ways of disabling an opponent. Judo the sport now concentrates on the throwing and the takedown part of the action but originally they were one and the same. Judo emphasises using the opponents weight or strength against them. Both styles promote maximum efficiency of movement.

Both BJJ and Judo have their uses in gi and no gi martial arts competitions, sport grappling tournaments and self defence.

Sophie teaches Judo for BJJ at Factory BJJ and delivers private classes in judo. If you are an individual or gym who see the benefit in learning throwing and takedown techniques from someone who is specialised in this area and for those who want to learn about to developing a different aspect to their game then just send an enquiry. A personalised or bespoke program will help you progress quickly.

A course is tailored for any level and for your specific purposes.

Judo and MMA

Although mixed martial arts fights have been around for a long time, the pitting together of different styles against each other in contests continues to grow in popularity drawing ever more people to participate in and watch the sport.

Many MMA fighters choose to specialise in one style but will also be proficient in a number of styles.

Several judoka have taken judo into the MMA or 'cage fighting' arena and made an impact.

Judo is best known for its grappling and throwing techniques, executed with speed precision and power.

The strikes in judo are now only practiced through katas.
Are you interested or currently competing in MMA and would like to focus on improving your grappling, throws and submissions?

Sophie can help you use your training to utilise the power of judo for your specific needs.

Sophie and her team focus on the techniques best suited for MMA fighters and can help develop your individual style.

This makes for a more rounded fighter with strikes, grappling, take downs, throws, and submissions included.

The no gi grappling variations of the judo throws and takedowns are suitable for the MMA arena and all grappling contests.

Judo and Gradings

]The modern martial art Judo is a hierarchical art, where practitioners of judo, or judoka, progress through the kyu-dan ranking system. The position of a judoka is displayed by the colour of their belt, beginners typically wear a white belt. Judokas progress through descending kyu ranks until they have the sufficient skills to move to the dan grade. Once a student is at the dan grade, judokas will wear the kuro obi, black belt. At 6th Dan another coloured belt, a red and white belt, is awarded. The highest dan rank achieved is 10th Dan, which is still very rare.

Are you interested in working your way through the kyu-dan rankings?

Or have you got an up coming grading you would like to thoroughly prepare for?

With Sophie's classes, courses and seminars you have the opportunity to get expert guidance in moving through the kyu-dan rankings.

Thinking of entering into a tournament, would you like to make sure you've got what it takes? Then check out the personal training programs available here for training for the competitive side of judo.

Judo and Life

Judo is not just about the competitions and the grading, it is also historically ‘a way of life’, as advocated by the creator, Jigaro Kano. The philosophy behind the art and the movements plus it’s practical use means that practicing judo has the potential to enhance both physical and mental well-being. Co-ordination, power, speed and fitness are all elements that can be improved separately or as a whole whilst learning judo. No matter what age you are, under the correct instruction you can gain big benefits from learning judo, not least joining a worldwide community.

Do you want to begin improving your health and overall well being? Start judo today with a personal plan, or try a fitness package, or both!

Sophie aims her classes, courses and seminars at teaching you judo in a way that you can practice it and use it as a tool for maintaining your health and fitness. With this sort of training you can feel assured you'll have the knowledge and relevant information to practice judo to stay healthy for life.

Want to participate in practicing judo but want to practice judo for more than the health benefits? Check out Judo as a Sport or Judo and Grading.

Judo in Schools

Judo has been a popular activity for schools for many years. Concentrating largely on fundamental movement skills for the younger years, judo is a great activity and sport to learn for school children of all ages. Judo encourages respect, fair-play, discipline, resilience and co-operation. There are other obvious physical, social and psychological benefits that taking part in an activity such as judo has been shown to have. Most of all it’s fun!

Judo4schools is able to deliver across a range of ages and in different settings, including primary, secondary and specialist schools.

Judo4schools provides judo classes and education across the North of England. Below is a list of what you can expect of our services:

Coaches that are DBS checked, British Judo’s governing body certified, first aid certificated, passed a safe-guarding and protecting children course, and fully insured.
An assembly/demonstration in your school to promote the course to encourage students to attend the course
The children will receive certificates during and at the end of the course.
Judo kits are supplied.
The classes can be taught before school, curriculum, lunch time, after school and also can be used to cover PPA time.
-: As an holistic approach to physical exercise, judo has been shown to be of benefit to children and teenagers of differing capabilities and is usually a challenging and rewarding experience. Sophie has experience as a teacher and as a coach across a range of ages from 3-18 and beyond. She has an enhanced CRB, a Safe Guarding and Protecting Children certificate and is first aid qualified. As a UKCC judo coach she is obliged to undertake continuing professional development. Equipment can be provided.

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Judo taster days and courses are available for both primary schools and secondary school.

Sophie also offers special Olympic themed taster days with interactive judo sessions and inspirational workshops. Bespoke programmes are available.